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I start working with students on"HOOKS" in 2nd grade. When I start teaching HOOKS, I tell students that it's just like catching a fish. You dangle some nice bait in-front of the fish and if they like it, BOOM! Gotcha hooked. If not they turn away uninterested. It's the same way with writing. This is how I start. First,  I read students a well known book and then have them practice writing different beginnings for the same story. This is the first thing we do in my writing class. Students can write their hooks in the squares that are provided on blackline. We practice for 2 weeks before moving on to finishing our introduction.  FREE links below

 3rd Grade HOOKS
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  1. I follow your blog and would love the 3rd grade hooks!

  2. I love your blog and would like the 4th grade hooks.

  3. I would love a copy of your 4th grade hooks.


  4. I would love a copy of your second grade hooks!

  5. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I would love a copy of your fourth grade hooks! I am your newest follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts!!! Thanks for sharing!

    One Teacher's Take

  6. I hope everyone received their HOOKS as requested. Let me know if you didn't :)

  7. Hi Heidi,
    I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. My school is very weak in teaching writing. I am currently a 3rd grade teacher and when I get students from second grade... I shutter... they cannot write a full paragraph. I begin the year by just introducing topic sentence and details. It is crazy I know... I am far behind in the 3rd grade writing curriuclum and am going nuts... noone wants to admit we have a problem. So we were just delivered "the HAMBURGER" in our mailboxes... yes, you guessed it... no instruction on how to use it. Well, I have been using Green, yellow, Red (Step up to Writing) for about 10 years now (I think)and it molds nicely into the HAMBURGER format. UGH... I could go on and on... So, I am glad a came across your blog. My email to use is THXS!!!

    1. I always start with HOOKS when I teach kids to use the "Hamburger" We practice for 2 weeks. Then we start working on the details of the introduction and the thesis statement. As I go we work our way down the hamburger. The next three parts of the hamburger each have---topic sentence and details. Lastly, we work on the conclusion and then kids start writing "real" stories and put the hamburger together on their own.

  8. I just found your blog and love it! I teach 2nd grade and would like the blackline for your hook lessons. I am starting a realistic fiction unit and would like to do a few lessons on a hook.
    Monica Headley

  9. I just found your blog and I think it's great! I would like your the blackline for your hook lessons for 2-4 grade.

    Thank you so much!
    Mirella Huttenlocher

  10. I would love the blackline masters for your hook lessons for grades 2-4! They would be greatly appreciated!

    Jennifer Corcoran

  11. I think your blackline masters for "hooking" the readers when you write is great! I would love to have the blackline masters for grades 2-4.

    Thank you!
    Shannon English

  12. I would love your hooks! I just stumbled on your blog and love it!!! My email is : THANK you!!!

  13. I love your hooks too! Can you please send me a copy? My email is: THANK YOU!!

  14. I would love your hooks! I just stumbled on your blog and love it!!! My email is : THANK you!!!