Sunday, March 4, 2012

Descripto Man

THIS IS MY STUDENTS ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME!!! This is a game that I play with students once a week. The winning word gets a small prize. This is how you play. First each student gets a small piece of paper or notebook/spiral paper. You hold up a picture that you have cut out of a magazine. I hold the picture up for 1 min and 30 seconds--I set a timer. This can be any picture. (not just a man) Students then put down ONE describing word that they think no other student will put down. This may address any part of the picture. After the timer rings, I start calling on students around the room to report their word out loud. Everyone gets a turn. That way all the students get to hear all the rich words being reported. If a student calls out a word that none else has, it goes on a running list. If a student calls out a word that another student wrote down, then that word is disqualified or OUT. This encourages kids to NOT use common words like BIG or AWESOME. Students raise their hands if they have the same word as someone else as we go around the room. ---No talking -- only listening or raising your hand for a duplicated word. At the end of the game the teacher chooses the best word from the running list, and announces it in class. I glue the picture to white construction paper and put all the qualified words around it and then display the pictures on the wall. I encourage students to use RICH words when they write! Give it a try and let me know what you think!Pin It

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