Friday, October 26, 2012


Okay....Everyone knows me as the hamburger lady! I LOVE to teach 5 paragraphs using the HAMBURGER organizer. I came up with this idea as a review. (and  to engage the kids with a FUN activity) The kids use sticky notes to put on each layer of the HAMBURGER so they KNOW what each part needs to contain.

TOP BUN/INTRO- They must write 3 things on their sticky note that the top bun/intro MUST contain--A HOOK, at least one DETAIL, and a THESIS statement. Then they come put their sticky note on the top bun.

The 3 middle parts- LETTUCE, TOMATO and MEAT are their 3 BIG ideas- They must write 2 things on their sticky notes that MUST be contained in each of these paragraphs--A TOPIC SENTENCE, at least 3 DETAILS, and RAZZLE DAZZLE word choice. They will do this for all 3 parts!

BOTTOM BUN/Conclusion asks what should this part do? On their sticky note they should put something like--WRAPS everything up like a BIG burrito! OLE'

After the lesson I serve SpongeBob gummy Crabby Patties. They look just like our giant hamburger and they're delish!

Enjoy the FUN and maybe get a hat like mine so when you teach the lesson you get to see the students' pearly whites shine BIG!

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