Friday, October 26, 2012


Okay....Everyone knows me as the hamburger lady! I LOVE to teach 5 paragraphs using the HAMBURGER organizer. I came up with this idea as a review. (and  to engage the kids with a FUN activity) The kids use sticky notes to put on each layer of the HAMBURGER so they KNOW what each part needs to contain.

TOP BUN/INTRO- They must write 3 things on their sticky note that the top bun/intro MUST contain--A HOOK, at least one DETAIL, and a THESIS statement. Then they come put their sticky note on the top bun.

The 3 middle parts- LETTUCE, TOMATO and MEAT are their 3 BIG ideas- They must write 2 things on their sticky notes that MUST be contained in each of these paragraphs--A TOPIC SENTENCE, at least 3 DETAILS, and RAZZLE DAZZLE word choice. They will do this for all 3 parts!

BOTTOM BUN/Conclusion asks what should this part do? On their sticky note they should put something like--WRAPS everything up like a BIG burrito! OLE'

After the lesson I serve SpongeBob gummy Crabby Patties. They look just like our giant hamburger and they're delish!

Enjoy the FUN and maybe get a hat like mine so when you teach the lesson you get to see the students' pearly whites shine BIG!

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  1. Hamburger organizer is great and I will use in the future. But...

    You posted something on Pinterest and I can't find the link and you don't have direct contact info on your blog so I am writing this way.

    On Pinterest - "I took some pictures of 1st grade student work this week. I had them illustrate their vocabulary word on individual white boards. Then we made a class train and students followed me around the room while we looked at all the cute illustrations. These pictures were my favorite illustrations of the word JUMBO. Please see BLOG to get grade level vocab list FREE."

    I would like to the vocab list for grade one, please. My email is Thank you.