Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music in the Classroom!

Well....Here goes on my first music post. I use MUSIC everyday in my classroom. I use music mainly as a transition from the floor and back to their seats. It helps students to get their blood pumping before we go on to the next thing. I download all the music on my iPod and then set my iPod on the (speaker) tower pictured below. I do let kids listen to different types of music while writing...If students can't handle it, I turn it off. You might ask WHY? Well, I have 4 kids of my own, and I have noticed something strange and different in my older kids.  When they are working they have lots of stuff going on in their room. They may have the TV on,  music playing in the background, or earphones in listening to music ~WHILE THEY STUDY!!! This disturbed me because I grew up studying in a quiet room, and BY GEORGE, if it's not quiet, how can someone study? My kids explained to me over the course of many years and tears, that that's how everyone does it NOWADAYS. Both of my sons have been very successful  in school, and after listening to several people present about the digital world we NOW live in, and how kids can multi-task, I AM a believer! Music also works well with themed lessons. We are writing a pirate story in 2nd grade right now, so of course I downloaded a bunch of pirate songs for students to listen to while they work. They are very appreciative, and it makes school FUN! As Emeril would say it~~~ Let's Spice this up a bit -   BAAAAM! 
(in the classroom)

This tower even comes with a remote so you can adjust it from a distance. Looks like I need to dust my tower! HA HA
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  1. I love your blog! I just came across it today! I would love to incorporate music into my classroom! Thanks for the idea!