Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing.... My trait Puppets! TADAAAA!

This is Igor Idea. He has a HUGE long TAIL and he loves de-tails. His eyes move around, so he is always watching YOU!

This is Wilma Word. She teaches word of the week to students. She has some quirky things about her. First, she LOVES to EAT hotdogs--all kinds. The kids know this, so I use it as an engagement tool right before we start some lessons. I say---What does Wilma LOVE to eat? The kids all promptly reply HOT-DOGS! She can smile or frown. She does have a broken tooth that she received from eating a frozen hot-dog! Kids adore her and students all over the school know that Wilma Words replace overused, boring, baby words like... nice, fun, and mad! Even the teachers tell the kids to edit and replace their worn out words with Wilma Words. She's Famous!

This is Victor Voice. He teaches us about feelings. He is really sad that he was born with a bum wing that won't flap, but he has a mean cock-a doodle-doo!

This is Sophie Sentence Fluency.  She is steady all the time. She is shy around the kids, and won't come out of her shell unless it's totally quiet.

This is Oscar Organization. He adores when 3rd and 4th grade students use the Hamburger Organizer! 5 paragraphs is what he likes. He loves to see those HOOKS and conclusions too.When Oscar gets upset he flicks hairs off his legs to show dislike. He eats small birds and hides underground. 

This is Convention Carlisle. He thinks all the kids are a bunch of nutcrackers. He speaks with a southern accent and has a little crush on a different teacher each year. The kids think this is sooo funny. Always check those conventions!
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